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Butlletí de Novetats de PROP (01/09/2012)

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Novetats Generals d'Ocupació Pública
Ajudants tècnics sanitaris (ATS) / Diplomats universitaris en Infermeria (DUI) (Conselleria de Justícia i Benestar Social) (BORSA DE TREBALL)    [Bases i obertura de termini] 
Metges (Conselleria de Justícia i Benestar Social) (BORSA DE TREBALL)    [Bases i obertura de termini] 
Escala Tècnica Bàsica d'Educació Física (Universitat de València (UV)) (OPOSICIÓ)    [Bases i obertura de termini] 
Tècnics mitjans d'investigació (perfil protecció radiològica) (Universitat de València (UV)) (OPOSICIÓ)    [Bases i obertura de termini] 
Veterinaris (Universitat de València (UV)) (OPOSICIÓ)    [Bases i obertura de termini] 
Novetats Generals de Tràmits i Servicis
Ajudes per a fomentar l'accés de les alumnes a les ensenyances de Formació Professional Inicial del sistema educatiu corresponents a determinats cicles de les famílies professionals d'Electricitat i Electrònica, Fabricació Mecànica i d'Instal·lació i Manteniment en centres educatius públics i privats concertats de la Comunitat Valenciana.  Obri termini 
Ajudes per a organització i difusió de congressos, jornades i reunions de caràcter científic, tecnològic, humanístic o artístic de caràcter internacional (AORG)  Obri termini 

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EU eHealth in focus - Newsletter - 31/08/2012

Europe's Communications Networks, Content & Technologies - eHealth News
31st of August 2012


IT Forum North-Rhine Westphalia "Europe goes online": EU LSPs Roadshow

LSPs logo

(24/09/2012 — 25/09/2012) The next stop of the cross-borders LSP Roadshow ( will be the IT Forum –"Europe goes online" – in Cologne, Germany. It will be held September 24 - 25, 2012 in the Higher Regional Court Cologne, in a 101 year old historical building. Over two days several hundred invited guests will gain an insight into the progress and achievements of all LSPs and different European projects of the national e-Justice and e-Government sectors.

'Fit for Health Valorisation of R&D Results in the FP7' workshop

(17/10/2012) The workshop is addressed to scientists and project managers in SMEs, research institutes and universities, as well as hospitals in the fields of health, life sciences, genomics and biotechnology. The workshop will be dedicated to valorisation strategies for R&D results generated during, or at the end of, FP7 projects. It will provide practical, easy-to-use information on IPR aspects as well as on further financial resources from Venture Capitalists and Bank specialists.

Health 2.0

(06/11/2012 — 07/11/2012) The event will reconvene the key Health 2.0 stakeholders in Europe: health entrepreneurs, IT solution providers, health professionals, patient organizations, health authorities, public and private insurance organizations, medical devices and pharmaceutical companies, telecom groups, VC and financiers, policy makers, academics. This conference is about leveraging the European Health 2.0 community to promote cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration. See detailed agenda on the conference website.


Benchmarking of Budget and Capabilities for the deployment and operation of Digital Services Infrastructures - SMART 2012/0058

In the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility initiative, EU Digital Services Infrastructures (DSIs) will be deployed and operated for delivering cross borders eServices to support the EU Digital single market. Learning from and comparing similar initiatives all around the world through benchmarking activities will bring comparative, coherent and realistic figures. The study will deliver a report showing in practical terms what are the costs and the main needs and requirements for the setting up an entity responsible for running the services. Contract signed with Gartner Belgium BVBA on 24/8/2012 under the DIGIT Framework Contract Nr DI-06690 "Information and Communication Technology Advice, Benchmarking and Consulting Services (ABCII)" - Lot 1.

European GERYON Project to modernise communications in Emergency Services of Hospitals

European Project GERYON which is seeking to improve and modernise the communications used by the emergency services. Firstly, it sets out to eliminate the incompatibilities existing among certain systems in order to facilitate interconnection among ambulances, firefighters, police, etc. And secondly, to combine the best of each system: the security of the classical emergency transmitters with the multimedia capability offered by the broadband of the 4G networks.


From Rubik to research, Hungary's colourful innovations

sort of rubik's cube

Challenging, colourful, multifaceted and at times surprising, the Rubik's Cube is probably one of the most famous inventions to emerge from Hungary. But while Erno Rubik, a sculptor and professor of architecture, can take credit for designing the world's best-selling puzzle, other Hungarians have been making equally colourful and surprising contributions to the world of science and technology. Read more...

The feasibility and scenarios for the long-term sustainability of the Large Scale Pilots, including 'ex-ante' evaluation - Study SMART 2012/0059

The study will deliver a comprehensive analysis to assess the sustainability and future roll-out of the services developed by the portfolio of eGovernment CIP ICT PSP Large Scale Pilots (LSPs). The study will investigate the possible organisational, financial and resource as well as governance aspects for their long-term sustainability. The in-depth feasibility study should include a deployment cost/economic benefit analysis and an impact assessment of possible scenarios and propose one. Furthermore, the study should give concrete recommendations on how to make the proposed scenario happen. Contract signed with DELOITTE Consulting CVBA/SCRL on 28/8/2012 under the Framework Contract No SMART 2007/0035 – Lot 4: "Provision of impact assessment and/or ex-ante evaluation tasks in the sphere of ICT deployment, innovation, public services and quality of life"

DISBLADE project - Novel plastic surgical blades

European researchers set out to develop a process for manufacturing high-quality disposable polymer-based surgical blades with funding of the Disblade project. Their ultimate goal was to enhance surface sharpness by 40 % compared to existing SS blades and to demonstrate stiffness, sharpness and wear resistance comparable to that of SS blades.

The Artificial Finger, the beauty of the touch

To touch something is to understand it – emotionally and cognitive. It´s one of our important six senses, which we use and need in our daily lives. But accidents or illnesses can disrupt us from our sense of touch. European researchers of the projects NanoBioTact and NanoBioTouch delve deep into the mysteries of touch and have developed the first sensitive artificial finger.

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Centro de Información Administrativa de Presidencia del Gobierno

Institución:Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)

The Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, an advanced research center established in Barcelona (Spain), is devoted to fundamental and applied R&D related to the physical and lower layers of communications systems. Currently, the CTTC is interested in filling the following Research Associate position in Optical Networking:


Optical Networking (Ref. 4/2012-3, 1 position): The candidate must hold a Ph.D. degree in Telecommunications Engineering, with research experience in the areas of coherent optical communication systems and optical OFDM. Applicants should have research experience in: optoelectronic devices and optical subsystems, coherent detection, carrier/phase recovery, digital signal processing, optical access networks, advanced modulation formats and multicarrier modulation, specifically, optical OFDM. Specialization areas of interest are the design, modelling and development of coherent (OFDM) transmission schemes for high-speed, flexible and spectral efficient optical networks, and systems and techniques for the convergence of optical and wireless networks. Laboratory skills and experience are required.


Applicants for Research Associate positions must hold a Ph.D. degree in telecommunications, electrical engineering, computer science, or related fields, capacity of carrying out innovative research as well as experience in research and publication record. Work experience in international and national R&D projects carried out in the context of R&D institutions is highly appreciated.

The position is permanent. The rank and salary, in the range 34,000 - 37,000 €/year (gross), will be determined according to qualifications and work experience.
Please, submit applications electronically including a resume, academic ratings, list of publications (if applicable) and, preferably, the names and contact information of three referees, to:

Información complementaria de la oferta:

CTTC is an equal opportunity employer. Applications from physically-challenged candidates will be specifically taken into account.

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Butlletí de Novetats de PROP (31/08/2012)

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Novetats Generals de Tràmits i Servicis
Ajudes per a la contractació de personal investigador en formació en fase postdoctoral, Programa VALi+d (APOST)  Obri termini 
Sol·licitud d'implantació d'ensenyances universitàries oficials de grau, màster i doctorat en les universitats de la Comunitat Valenciana.  Obri termini 

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